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WPT Prime Taiwan Day 3 Highlights

The Asia Poker Arena in Taipei City saw another day of action of World Poker Tour (WPT) Prime Taiwan concluded. Today, three new players claimed their first WPT trophy. The WPT Prime Taiwan Main Event Warm-Up qualifiers also ended, amassing an impressive prize pool of TWD 5,389,600 (USD 169,400).

Together this marks the 3rd day of an almost two-week poker event running from August 8 to August 21, 2023. With this festival taking place in the new Asia Poker Arena and offering many new and exciting prizes, it is expected that hundreds of players will continue to arrive for the upcoming events including the highly-anticipated main event.

Three Players Win First Trophies in WPT Prime Taiwan

WPT 프라임 대만에서 첫 번째 트로피들
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While there are dozens of trophies up for grabs here in the Asia Poker Arena, three trophies were won today by newcomers to the festival. Each one is a first-time winner making their success feel especially special.

The first was the Mini Superstack Classic which just ended yesterday August 10. A day ago, 110 participants partook in this event, creating a prize pool of TWD 660,000 (USD 20,745). After hours of competition, that number was reduced to 14 players who entered Day 2. Among these players was Zhe Wei Che managed to gain a large stack. On the second day, he fought off the remaining players for the prize, including Hsuan Chao Chen had a substantial lead. Zhe walked away with his first WPT trophy and a reward of TWD 106,3000 (USD 3,340).

Julian Warhurst Australian player Julian has been touring around Asia since May during that time he’s quickly made a reputation for himself. He hadn’t won a WPT event until today when he entered the Single Day High Roller event. This one-time event during the WPT Prime Taiwan had 33 players attend this event and a prize pool of TWD 1,456,500 (USD 45,780). Julian managed to secure more than a third of that when he won the trophy and a prize of TWD 597,000 (approximately USD 18,765).

The last of these new winners in the WPT Prime Taiwan event was the Hong Kong player Ka Shung Tsang who took part in the Megastack Turbo event. He competed against 108 participants, for a prize pool of TWD 534,300 (USD 16,795). Despite the difficult odds, Tsang emerged victorious and walked away with TWD 160,200 (approximately USD 5,035). Tsang began his poker career this June with over a dozen competitions, 9 of which had him in the final table showing that he has a promising career ahead of him.

WPT Prime Taiwan Main Event Warm-Up Update

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The Day 1C WPT Prime Taiwan. Main Event Warm Up saw the largest group of 267 participants joining the event. Together, this brought the total number of players to 635 entries. This further boosted the prize pool to a massive TWD 5,389,600 (USD 169,400). Unfortunately, not everyone would get a chance to enjoy this huge reward as only 81 players would enter the second day of the tournament. Of these players, each one will receive a minimum prize of TWD 16,500 (USD 520) as they have passed the bubble of the event.

Of these 81 players who will advance, 34 were survivors of today. Among them were David Erquiaga, Hua Wei Lin, and Chien Chih Weng, who all stood out. The current chip leader is Japanese player Shingo Horikoshi has gathered a large stack of 696,000 or about 58 big blinds. This made him the overall chip leader of the event, but he will still have some intense competition entering the next day.

We previously discussed the WPT Prime Taiwan Event when it was first announced almost two months ago.

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