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Poker Dream 7 Vietnam: 50 More Players Move to Day 2 with Yashiro Naoki in the Lead

The big poker tournament at the fancy Hoiana Resort & Golf in Hoi An, Vietnam, is happening now. It’s called the Poker Dream 7 Vietnam Main Event, and they’re giving away ₫20 Billion (about US$820,000) to the winner. Six out of ten starting games have already happened, and 75 players have made it to Day 2. A player from Japan, Yashiro Naoki, has the most chips right now and is in the lead.

Today, there are four flights for poker games. Some have short rounds, and one is really fast at midnight. If players win, they’ll come back on December 7 to play again at 1:00 in the afternoon.

Main Event Day 1D, 1E and 1F Recap

The first flight of the day of Poker Dream 7 Vietnam lasted for more than eleven hours before only 35 players remained out of the initial 228. The bigger group played for fourteen rounds with 40-minute turns, and Japan’s Yashiro Naoki moved up the rankings after eliminating two players in one go. Yashiro started with a strong hand (King of Spades and King of Hearts) and made the final call. This quickly removed both opponents from the game. A bit later, the flight ended when Oleg Titov lost, with Tran Thanh Van having a better hand (Ace of Hearts and 7 of Spades) for the victory.

Poker Dream 7 Vietnam Day 1D

Date: October 5, 2023
Buy in: ₫25,500,000 (~US$ 1,099)
Entries: 228
Bagging time: 15% of field / 35 players

On the first day of Poker Dream 7 Vietnam, there were 119 people who joined a 30-minute flying game. Only 10% or 12 of them made it to the next day. Late at night, the player with the most chips, Lee Wai Huen, increased his stack by a lot in just one round.

Lee started with a low number of chips, but by the thirteenth round, he had doubled them with a Queen of Hearts and a Queen of Flowers. Then, in a few rounds, he doubled his chips again by using a 9 of Spades and a 9 of Flowers against Nguyen Thanh Long’s Jack of Diamonds and Jack of Spades. Lee got lucky on the last card and won the game. He also eliminated the last two players with low chips to end the game. 

Poker Dream 7 Vietnam Day 1E

Date: October 5, 2023
Buy in: ₫17,000,000 (~US$ 733)
Entries: 119
Bagging time: 10% of field / 12 players

The very late super-fast flight ended one hour before Day 1D and three more players joined. A player named Le Ngoc Minh had the most chips with 273,000. Next was Nguyen Thanh Tung with 216,000 chips. It’s interesting to note that Nguyen had already won some money on Day 1D, but with fewer chips, only 99,000.

Poker Dream 7 Vietnam Day 1F

Date: October 5, 2023
Buy in: ₫17,000,000 (~US$ 733)
Entries: 30
Bagging time: 10% of field / 3 players

Top Chip Counts

Pos.PlayerChip Count
1Yashiro Naoki596,000
2Nguyen Duy Thuc540,000
3Cheng Tin Wai511,000
4Lee Juyeol426,000
5Tran Thanh Van419,000
6Lee Wai Huen418,000
7Tan Ong Kwan408,000
8Ling Tien Loon385,000
9Phan Tuan Vinh377,000
10Chu Chi Jen 369,000

Poker Dream 7 Vietnam Main Event Review

Dates: October 3-8, 2023
Buy in:  VND 8,500,000 (~USD 366) – VND 25,500,000 (~USD 1,099)
Guarantee: VND 20,000,000,000 (~USD 820,000)

Day 1 Results

1A81 entries5 advanced
1B 77 entries4 advanced
1C151 entries16 advanced
1D228 entries35 advanced
1E119 entries12 advanced
1F30 entries3 advanced

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