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WPT Winners Recieve Payouts from World Poker Tour Vietnam

The World Poker Tour (WPT) has concluded its last event and is preparing to pack up for the next event. Running from October 6 to 16, 2023, the tournament had 32 events and 4,448 participants. Now it is time for the WPT winners to claim their reward. With such

With a prize pool of about ₫74,871,972,000 ($3,060,000), there is plenty of money for the lucky winners. The cash prize isn’t the only reward they received as trophies and special rewards were also handed out. Among the most valuable prizes were 9 entries to the upcoming World Championship and Prime Championship.

Who Are the WPT Winners?

WPT 우승자는 누구인가요
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The main event tournament had a prize pool of ₫22,426,400,000 (~$916,300) and ran from October 12 to 16. This event saw 850 players from across the world entering the event. Only a fraction of these players walked away with a reward. Among them is the WPT Main Event winner, Sorawit Suriyakarn from Thailand.

He won his first live title here and a career-best prize of ₫3,856,400,000 ($157,565). As the main event champion, Suriyakarn was also given a WPT World Championship package worth $12,150.

While not the biggest of the WPT winners, China’s Dong Yixuan still made a name for herself as the player with the most trophies. Dong was the only player to win more than one event, dominating Event 8: PLO and the Survivor Bounty 8-Max.

The PLO put her against 28 other contestants and became her first live title win. With that momentum, she continued to dominate the tables in the Survivor Bounty 8-Max. This was a bigger challenge as she had to compete against 524 other players, though she managed to carry that success through.

In total, she won a ₫1,154,700,000 ($47,180) payout, ranking her as one of the top WPT winners of this event. In addition to that, Dong also received a WPT Prime Championship package worth $2,850.

Among the last events was the High Roller 2Day Event where 166 paid ₫66,000,000 (US$ 2,700) to create a huge ₫9,661,200,000 (US$ 394,735) prize pool. Only 21 players managed to get a piece of that cash prize, and the lion’s share went to Ramsden Jacque who won ₫2,312,700,000

One of the next WPT winners came from the Crown Poker Club Superstack Classic where Nguyen Duc Thanh outfought 236 other players for a ₫341,940,000 (~$13,970) grand prize and a WPT Prime Championship package worth $2,850.

The WPT Superstack Closer attracted 144 participants, with Ha Manh Tuong emerging victorious. He received a prize of ₫281,440,000 (approximately $11,500). Ha had a one-on-one showdown with Aladin Reskallah. During the final hand, Ha went all-in with his Jack and 10 of hearts while Aladin brought out a weaker King and 5 of Clubs.

Cash in WPT Winners

Several WPT winners were lucky enough to cash in multiple times in the final table. One of these was Chinese star Chen Mingcong who won a record four final table cashes, amounting to a massive g ₫2,240,000,000 ($91,520).

Beyond the final table, other events also allowed for multiple cash-ins, and Vietnam’s Le Nhu An obtained an impressive five cashes, becoming the most frequent cash earner. His greatest achievement occurred when he secured the runner-up position at the festival’s ultimate event, and his most substantial prize came from the Megastack High Roller, where he finished in 3rd place, netting ₫366,500,000 (15,000).

This has been a busy few weeks for Vietnam as they have had several events taking place including the Poker Dream 7 Vietnam.

If you want to see who managed to win that event, you can read our Poker Dream 7 Vietnam Main Event post.