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Shoichiro Tamaki from Japan Wins The Biggest APT Main Event in South Korea

Riku Mieda from Japan won a really big prize of KRW 45.6 million, which is about USD $34.5 thousand. Also, Milos Skrbic from Serbia is in the lead among the last 40 players in the second biggest APT Main Event High Roller game ever.

In Incheon, South Korea, on September 2, 2023, the biggest and most valuable South Korean Main Event in APT history found its winner. Japan’s Shoichiro Tamaki won the largest portion of the substantial KRW 1,867,347,000 prize money (approximately USD $1,411,975) and secured the highly sought-after golden lion.

At the fancy Paradise City Casino, only 16 players out of a big group of 930 joined in the KRW 2,300,000 APT Incheon, South Korea 2023 Main Event for the last day.

All the players left were sure to get at least KRW 15,300,000 (about USD $11,570). But everyone really wanted to make it to the last table and win the main prize.

Tamaki came back in the lead with the most chips. Even though there were some tricky moments when there were fewer players, he stayed focused and reached his goal smoothly.

“Thanks to everyone, I was able to win the championship! Thank you for your support. I was happy with your messages – it was really encouraging. Thank you!”

Shoichiro Tamaki, before bowing and heading off to the cashier to collect the largest score of his poker career
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Tamaki won his first live competition and got a prize of KRW 271,447,000, which is about USD $206,030. He made a deal with two other players, Tsz To Wan from China and Napat Chokejindachai from Thailand.

The trio left around KRW 26,347,000 (which is about USD $20,000) on the table, along with the prize and trophy.

In Thailand, Chokejindachai was the first one to lose after 30 rounds. He fell to Wan and won KRW 222,200,000, which is about USD $168,650, for coming in third place.

The Chinese player was a little ahead with four chips to three in the final face-off.

But Tamaki didn’t give up. They got more aggressive and made smart moves to get back in front.

Tamaki played against Wan for a long time. After twenty-nine rounds, Tamaki made Wan have only 12 small bets left. This happened in a game of back-and-forth.

The Chinese player tried to take control of the game by making a bold move with a straight draw. Tamaki had a pair of low cards and decided to stay in the game. He managed to avoid losing on the next two cards and won the championship.

Even though Wan didn’t win, he got KRW 211,200,000 (about USD $160,300) for coming in second place. He didn’t have to pay to enter because he won a special online contest for influencers organized by Natural8. This turned out to be a great deal for him.


  • 1st: Shoichiro Tamaki (Japan) – KRW 271,447,000
  • 2nd: Tsz To Wan (China) – KRW 211,200,000
  • 3rd: Napat Chokejindachai (Thailand) – KRW 222,200,000
  • 4th: Veleriy Pak (Uzbekistan) – KRW 110,900,000
  • 5th: Abraham Ceesvin (Singapore) – KRW 86,300,000
  • 6th: King Wai Cheung (Hong Kong) – KRW 63,900,000
  • 7th: Jason Lau (Malaysia) – KRW 45,700,000
  • 8th: Masahiro Adachi (Japan) – KRW 32,600,000
  • 9th: Raul Martinez Gallego (Spain) – KRW 25,700,000

Adrian Chua from Singapore almost made it to the final nine players. However, he finished in tenth place, losing to Chokejindachai and winning a prize of KRW 21,300,000.

The last sixteen players who didn’t make it to the final table were:

  1. Milos Petakovic, the APT Super High Roller Series champion, came in 11th place and won KRW 21,300,000.
  2. Inaba Katsuhiro was the last woman standing and finished 12th, earning KRW 19,000,000.
  3. Zhanhui Zheng, who qualified online on Day 3, ended up in 13th place with a prize of KRW 19,000,000.
  4. Wataru Kosugi from Japan secured 14th place, winning KRW 17,200,000.
  5. Artem Sofronov from Russia claimed 15th place and received KRW 17,200,000.
  6. Tran Tu from New Zealand finished in 16th place with a prize of KRW 15,300,000.

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