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Poker Dream Malaysia Sets Main Event Prize Pool Record and New Location Planned

Over the recent weekend, Malaysia witnessed a historic moment in the world of poker. The Poker Dream held one of its tournaments in the country and shattered many records. This event saw both a record number of players and prize pools. The Poker Dream Malaysia main event alone saw more than 1,453 players attending the tournament which was held from August 15 to 20, 2023.

But the excitement doesn’t end there as the Poker Dream plans on continuing this excitement. They have already announced the next stop of their tour below.

Poker Dream Malaysia Main Event Recap

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Before arriving in Malaysia, the Poker Dream organization recently wrapped up a successful event in Taiwan. This event was a huge success and in particular, its prize pool was considered record-breaking as they managed to gather a main event prize pool of $854K.

With this success, much hype surrounded the organization as Poker Dream Malaysia started on August 11 up to 20, 2023. The organizers hoped they could break this record and provide an even larger guaranteed prize pool to get people interested. This was worth RM 4,000,000 or about USD 861,000.

This was a brilliant move as Poker Dream Malaysia easily surpassed its Taiwanese counterpart and drew in a massive crowd of excited poker players. The main event alone boasted over 1,453 entries and easily outdid its Taiwanese event. With each player having to pay between RM 1,700 (USD 365), RM 3,400 (USD 730), or RM 5,100 (USD 1,095) for the buy-in fee, they surpassed the original guarantee and brought the prize pool to a massive RM 4,777,318 (approximately USD 1,028,708).

Poker Dream Malaysia became the first event to cross the million-dollar mark for a single event. Even split among 154 players, this prize pool was a massive prize for anyone, but the lucky winner of the Poker Dream Malaysia Main Event was a local player named Loo Soon Yung.

This was a huge moment for him as this was his first major title and it also needed him a prize of RM 818,000 ($176,140). The prize from the Poker Dream Malaysia Main Event was more than all his previous earnings from his previous tournaments.

Poker Dream Announces Next Stop for the Festival

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Following the exhilarating series of events, the Poker Dream planners had yet another revelation. Unveiling their next festival’s venue, slated for late September, the destination is none other than Vietnam. Scheduled from September 29 to October 8, 2023, the event will span ten days and take place at the Grand Hall of Hoiana Resort and Golf, nestled in the heart of Hoi An.

After the dual success of Taiwan and Malaysia, there is a lot of excitement here and many hope to replicate the success in Vietnam. Most of the details are still unknown and will only be released in the coming weeks. What is known is that the main event will have a guaranteed prize pool of VND 20,000,000,000 or approximately USD 833,160. The organizers hope to replicate the previous success here. The main event will run from between October 3 and 8, 2023.

Poker Dream Vietnam turned heads in the previous year with its remarkable statistics and noteworthy participation by prominent figures. This marked the reemergence of poker’s top tier within Asia’s general populace since the Macau era. The event awarded over USD 3.8 Million in prizes, standing as the most lucrative among all regional tours in 2023.

Many comparisons have been made here with the Taiwan Millions Main Event and its success.

If you are curious to see how this event ends, you can read our Taiwan Millions Main Event Winner post.