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World Poker Tour Prime Taiwan: Details Revealed

Get ready for an exciting poker event happening in Asia called the World Poker Tour (WPT) Series Taiwan. It’s going to be a big deal! The World Poker Tour Prime Taiwan will be the most important event in this series, with lots of money to be won. It will take place from August 8 to 21, 2023, and there will be 46 trophies and millions of dollars in prizes up for grabs. This event is expected to be even bigger than the previous WPT Vietnam event, with hundreds of poker players from around the world attending. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to watch the best players in action.

World Poker Tour Prime Details

The World Poker Tour Prime Series is a relatively new part of the WPT lineup, having only been introduced last year. These events offer the same excitement and expectations as regular WPT Main Tour events but at a more affordable cost. They do this by having events that have lower entrance fees and lower prize pools than normal main-event tournaments which will allow more players to join.

However, with the recent success of the Prime Series, the prize pools have started to get bigger and bigger as more players are hurrying to sign up. The World Poker Tour Prime Taiwan is no different with the buy-in fees for different events ranging from TWD 3,000 (USD 97) to TWD 300,000 (USD 9,770). While some of these are pretty large, others are pretty affordable for most players, ensuring there will be plenty of competition.

Some of these events may feature other gimmicks like stop clocks to add some extra layer of excitement. Many of these events will also be live-streamed, giving everyone a chance to watch the games even if they cannot physically be there. And lastly, this event will feature the return of the WPT Prime Championship Cup and Trophy which made its debut in Vietnam last May.

Events of the World Poker Tour Prime Taiwan

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So far, four events in the World Poker Tour Prime Taiwan have guaranteed prize pools with the smallest one having a prize pool of TWD 2,000,000 (approximately USD 65,150), while the largest has a prize pool of USD 1,000,000.

With the WPT Prime Vietnamese Main Event reaching a $1 million prize pool, they now hope to repeat the process with World Poker Tour Prime Taiwan by also giving it an equally massive prize pool. This makes it among the first events in the prime series to have a guaranteed prize pool in seven digits. But while that’s a huge pool the buy-in for the main event is just TWD 33,000, approximately USD 1,075.

The guaranteed prize pool is a bit more modest. being worth just TWD 3,000,000 or USD 97,720. This is for the World Poker Tour Prime Taiwan Warm-Up Event. This poker match is meant to help players warm up for the rest of the tournament and is structured like the main event. This will take place for five days straight, ending with a showdown in the final table.

The two events that have prize Guarantees are the Mystery Bounty with a TWD 5,000,000 guarantee or about $162,545 and the 8 Max Championship with a TWD 2,000,000 guarantee of $USD 65,150.

Aside from these four, there are also several high-roller events throughout the World Poker Tour Prime Taiwan. While these do not have a prize pool, they are incredibly popular and usually surpass the guaranteed events because of how many players attend.

There are about 30 other exciting events scheduled throughout the World Poker Tour Prime Taiwan including Turbos, Freezeouts, Deepstacks, and Bounties. These all serve different types of players and play styles. Lastly, there are several special events meant to serve different groups like the Ladies Event, Seniors Event, and the popular Supersonic NLH/Liar’s Dice event. The entrance fees for these events can vary, going from TWD 3,000 to TWD 35,000, but no matter what event you choose, you will have a chance to win a trophy and a huge prize pool.

Of all the trophies, one of the best is the title of WPT Player of the Festival. This will go to whoever can earn the most points by the end of the tournament. This lucky player will be able to win a WPT Passport valued at USD 5,000 letting them join any WPT Main Tour event in 2023.

This wasn’t the only World Poker Tour Prime Event that happened in the region recently. Vietnam also hosted its own WPT event just a few months ago.

To get all the exciting details of that event, you can read our post on the World Poker Tour Vietnam Announcement.