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India Selected to Host the Fourth Edition of the World Poker Tour

The World Poker Tour, or WPT, has returned for its fourth edition this year and has finally found a partner to help set it up! This famous poker tournament has announced an exclusive partnership with, the leading online poker provider in India. The World Poker Tour will take place from April 12 to 18, 2023, at the Deltin Royale in Goa. This exciting collaboration promises to attract all top players from around the world for the WPT and create an unforgettable tournament.

As one of the biggest poker competitions in the world, there is a lot going on in the WPT. It allows players to play in one of the biggest tournaments and show off their skills. It also means winning money, trophies, and titles if they are skilled enough. It also offers a chance to see their favorite players competing against one another.

World Poker Tour is Offering Huge Prizes

Poker Tour Prize Money

With the World Poker Tours partnership with Adda52, they have managed to gather a massive pool that will be split amongst multiple events and winners.

For the lucky player who manages to win the main event, they will receive many fabulous prizes. Firstly, they will be awarded a highly coveted WPT trophy as a symbol of their victory. But aside from titles, there is also a massive cash prize that will cover all of their expenses. Included in that cash prize is a $10,400 tournament buy-in, which is part of the even larger prize pool.

To make this experience even more exciting, the winner will receive free airfare and hotel accommodations So, from the competition, the WPT may end up becoming a vacation for the lucky winner.

The festival’s most outstanding player, also known as the Player of the Festival (POF), will also receive an award. While this might just seem like a consolation prize, whoever wins this title will also get their own share of prizes. The winner will get a title, a special trophy, and a $5,000 WPT Passport. This Passport can be used at any WPT event this year. This gives POF more opportunities to compete and show off its exceptional skills against top players from around the world. So even if they don’t win the world poker tour they still have a chance to compete in other events.

The WPT is Getting Dozens of Players

WPT Player Recruitment

To build excitement around the upcoming World Poker Tour India, has launched the “Road to WPT” competition. This is a preliminary contest to provide talented players with a chance to show off their skills before the tournament. Those who manage to perform well in these tournaments can win a spot in the World Poker Tour later down the line.

The contest has different versions of poker so there is more than one way to qualify for the WPT and allows all players, no matter their play style to have a fair chance of entering. As of now, 53 players have already qualified for WPT Prime India, 45 players qualified through these tournaments, and another eight won slots by playing cash games.

Aside from that, excitement from the previous World Poker Tour is also generating hype as people hope to get in on this tournament. India previously hosted the World Poker Tour in 2017 and that event was massive. India managed to attract over 500 hundred players and has a pool of over half a million. There are high hopes that this tournament will be even bigger.

“Our partnership with WPT Prime India will provide a platform for poker players to showcase their skills and make a name for themselves in the poker world,”

Deltatech Gaming executive director and CEO Shivanandan Pare.

India isn’t the only lucky country in Asia going to host the World Poker Tour. Recently, Vietnam announced that their country would sponsor the next part of the WPT.

To see all the details of the future event, you can see our WPT Vietnam Announcement.