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Prasit Chowdhury Claims Victory in Highly Anticipated WPT India 2023 Main Event

The World Poker Tour (WPT) India has finally wrapped up with a main event winner being announced, Prasit Chowdhury. This tournament was an impressive spectacle, running for four days and having 857 players, meaning that competition in all events was fierce. At the center of this tournament was the Main Event which lasted for over seven hours and had some of the best poker players in the world joining in. Even with these challenges, though, Prasit managed to overcome his opponents, including famed poker player Amit Tejura and claim the title. Aside from winning a trophy, it has solidified this Kolkata-based player’s position as one of the best poker players in the world.

The WPT Prime India 2023 Main Event has broken multiple records with how much money was involved. It holds the record as having the largest prize pool in any WPT India event, which Prasit Chowdhury must be quite happy to hear. He is now expected to walk away with ₹86,60,000 or $105,000 along with a $10,400 seat to the WPT World championship which will be held at Wynn Las Vegas.

How Prasit Chowdhury Dominated the WPT Main Event

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Chowdhury was already in a strong position when the main event started. Although Prasit had more chips than any other player, he still had to face strong competition. During the game Tejura challenged Chowdhury by raising 1,500,000 chips, something Chowdhury responded with an equally daring move. He put all his remaining chips on the table forcing Tejura to do the same.

At this point, Prasit Chowdhury revealed his hand, which was the King of Spades and the Queen of Diamonds. In comparison, Tejura only had the Ace and Six of Hearts in his hand. The dealer then started handing out community cards which ended up giving Chowdhury another king to create his winning hand. The boldness he showed here was a big part of why he won and showed that he was willing to risk everything to win.

That isn’t to say that Chowdhury didn’t understand the risks he was taking. While he was playing his final hand, he was so anxious about what he did that he closed his eyes as their hands were revealed ao he didn’t immediately see the results.

Claiming second place was Amiy Tejura who despite starting with a disadvantage and having much fewer chips, put up an impressive fight. Throughout their game, Tejura managed to steal chips from Prasit Chowdhury several times and even managed to close the gap between them at several points. This was thanks to a few bold moves such as doubling his bet. While these moves were impressive, they were not enough to secure Tejura a win. He will now go home to Goa with ₹57,75,000 or over $70,000 for his second-place finish.

  1. Prasit Chowdhury – ₹86,60,000
  2. Amit Tejura – ₹57,75,000
  3. Kiran Bondu  – ₹42,50,000
  4. Siddharth Jolly – ₹31,80,000
  5. Abhinav Iyer – ₹24,00,000
  6. Sudheer Chowdary – ₹18,25,000
  7. Deepak Singh – ₹14,05,000
  8. Jaydeep Dawer – ₹10,96,700
  9. Soham Pal – ₹8,60,000

This news article serves as an update to a previous post that was written prior to the start of the WPT India event when the location of the tournament was initially announced.

To know more about the events before the tournament began, check out our post on the WPT Location announcement.