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Poker Dream Taiwan Event Schedule Revealed

Although Poker Dream Manila might be over, people are still talking about it. This event had been widely considered a success, bringing in almost 3,000 from all over the world to compete in different events. The buy-ins for these tournaments have ranged from PHP 2,600 to a staggering PHP 1,380,000 (USD 25,000). With such a huge success, it isn’t surprising to hear that the excitement will continue in Poker Dream Taiwan.

Many are hoping that this part of the poker festival will continue the momentum and continue to keep players entertained. They hope to gather poker players from all over the table to join their tables. To create more excitement for the event, Poker Dream Taiwan has just announced its event schedule.

The Success of Poker Dream Manila

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The impressive success of Poker Dream Manila was attributed to many factors. One of them was the organizer’s commitment to giving the best experience possible. During the event preparation, they made sure to go through all the details and events to offer the best experience possible.

The other thing that made this event so special was the unexpected twists of the tournament went. While the organizers couldn’t control who would win the events, they kept a few surprises that were sure to entertain the players and fans of this event.

One of the biggest surprises was the unexpected appearance of legendary poker star Tom “DURRR” Dwan, an American poker star. He has disappeared and reappeared from the media several times which made his appearance all the more exciting.

The Poker Dream Taiwan Event Schedule

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By learning from everything that happened in Manila, the organizers hope to take that same success and apply what they learned to Poker Dream Taiwan. To start, the organizers have started to try and create excitement for the upcoming event. One way they have done this is by creating and using #PokerDreamTaiwan2023 on their social media pages to get people’s attention.

The event is expected to run for 10 days from June 16 to 25 and is set to take place in the capital city of Taipei. More specifically, it will take place in the brand-new Asia Poker Arena. This arena is one of the largest in the country and has opened only recently. Despite that, they have already hosted other important poker events.

For this event, Poker Dream Taiwan will bring all their organization, prizes, and surprises for their event to elevate this poker event to the next level. As the event is now only a few weeks away, the organizers have started to reveal details about Poker Dream Taiwan, specifically about the events expected to happen during the tournament.

  1. Poker Dream Taiwan Open: This event is designed to kickstart the tournament with a bang and is designed to be a high-stakes battle that serves as the grand opener, providing a platform for players to showcase their exceptional skills. Only the most daring and skilled participants will have the opportunity to seize victory in this early-stage event and claim the coveted prize money.
  2. Mystery Bounty: As a twist on the regular bounty tournament, the Poker Dream organizes have made a few changes to make the game more interesting. Here, the bounty amount remains a secret meaning that even the winner won’t know how much they’ve won.
  3. Monster Stack: This game takes the idea of ‘bigger is better’ to the next level. All players who join this event will be given more starting chips than usual. This is meant to encourage players to take more risks and play more aggressively and promises to have many exciting moments.
  4. Crazy Weekend: Poker Dream Taiwan has reimagined this fan-favorite event and added an exciting accumulator format. To kickstart the weekend, all participants will enjoy complimentary drinks, setting the stage for a thrilling poker frenzy like never before.

These are just a few of the exciting events expected to take place in Poker Dream Taiwan. More events are expected to be announced as the tournament draws closer.

Poker Dream isn’t the only event that has made use of the Asia Poker Arena. Just a few weeks ago, APT Taipei also had their event here and set several poker records in this event.

To learn more about the huge scale of this tournament, you can check out our post on the APT Taipei Announcement.