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Taipei Asian Poker Tour Prize Pool to be Largest in Tournament History

The Asian Poker Tour prize pool has been announced, and it is much bigger than anyone imagined. The Asian Poker Tour has said that the prize pool for their main poker tournament will be worth one million dollars (equal to NT$ 30 Million). This will be part of the highly anticipated APT Taiwan 2023 that will be held from April 28 to May 7, 2023.

But that is not even the best part. That $1 million is just for the main event. The Taipei Asian Poker Tour has many smaller events spread out over the event, each with its own prizes and awards. With so many prizes, this tournament will attract poker players from all over the world. Anyone looking to win and show off their skills will be there. That is why this tournament is sure to be a time of excitement, competition, and fun.

The Largest Asian Poker Tour Prize in History

Largest Asian Poker Tour

That prize money isn’t just big, it is big enough to make history. The Taipei Asian Poker Tour prize is said to be the largest tournament guarantee ever made by any of the APT tournaments in its history. This is all part of APT’s plan to make this tournament one of their biggest events, attracting the most experienced high rollers to attend their competition. They said it best in a statement below.

“APT Taipei will be the biggest poker series in the 15-year history of the Asian Poker Tour,” 

APT President Neil Johnson 

But while that $1 million is big Asian Poker tour prize is big, it is not even everything they have in store. That is just for the main event, there are another 49 games being featured in this event, spread out over a week of fun and excitement. These different events add another NT$ 21 Million or $700K to the prize pot.

The rest of the Asian poker tour prize money will go to side events like the kickoffs, mystery games, and high roller tournaments. Each of these offers prizes ranging anywhere from NT$ 1.5 million to NT$ 5 million as well as giving titles and other amazing awards.

New Location for the Taipei APT

The massive Asian poker tour prize isn’t the only way this tournament is making history. The APT Taipei 2023 is also going to be the first event held in Taiwan’s brand-new Asia Poker Arena. Built and managed by Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association, this highly advanced arena is being built as part of the association’s plan to become Southeast Asia’s top poker destination. With this tournament, this plan is going to open with a bang.

To become such a gaming hub, this arena features all the amenities you expect from an advanced stadium. This includes restaurants, dedicated poker rooms, and advanced live-streaming studios to keep viewers up-to-date on everything that is happening. This tournament will also feature an impressive 55 poker tables to accommodate all the games that will happen here and in the future games.

Aside from the Asian Poker Tour prize being announced, there have also been announcements about how many players are attending. So far over 50 have already confirmed they are attending this event.

To learn more about who’s attending, check our news article on the APT Taipei Qualifications.