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APT Taipei Main Event Qualification Update: 53 Players Ready to Play

Excitement is growing for the 2023 APT Taipei Main Event, a recent update reported that over 50 players have now secured their spots for the upcoming APT Day 3 tournament. This event has once again attracted countless talented players from around the world, all competing for the chance to take home the coveted Main Event title and the huge prize money.

Although based in Taiwan, APT Taipei is open to people worldwide. To give them a chance to join, Natural8, one of the largest poker providers in the world has provided a series of satellites to allow for live gaming. This allows players to stream and participate in the events without having to be there physically. These different systems include APT Online, APT Taipei (Online Day 1s), and Journey to APT.

With this system, 53 players have already secured their spots in the tournament. There are many more who will join in the coming weeks as well. Until then, everyone is excited about what will happen next. Whatever happens, this will definitely be an unforgettable event

The Excited Gameplay Response to the APT Taipei Event

APT Taipei Event

With such an amazing opportunity, there has been a lively response from players who are hoping to compete in the event. However, not everyone will be able to join in this event as there are only a limited number of slots available.

The first of these events was the APT’s online event last February. Here, 16 lucky players were able to showcase their skills and get spots for APT Taipei Day 3, making them among the first to qualify using this system.

Aside from this first batch, others hoped to win slots during the Main Live Event Day 1. This is one of the first APT Taipei events and offers a shortcut to reaching the day 3 events which are scheduled for May 5th. If you are lucky to make it through and win day 1, you will automatically be added to the day 3 list. This allows you to skip other events and get a chance to win cash prizes on day 3. As of now, 17 lucky players have managed to get a spot on day 3 through this event.

Aside from them, another 20 players managed to qualify during the first Main Live Event Day. These players were able to participate thanks to the Journey to APT satellites and will compete to join the remaining 33 players in the Day 3 events.

“We are thrilled to see the overwhelming response from our players for the satellite events. It’s been an incredible journey so far, and we’re excited to see more players qualifying for the APT Taipei Main Event. It’s truly a testament to our commitment to providing opportunities for players to pursue their poker dreams.”

A spokesperson from Natural8

How to Get the Remaining Seats for APT Taipei

The excitement isn’t over yet! Players still have 3 more chances to win a seat in the million-dollar guaranteed APT Taipei Main Event.

Although many seats have been claimed, players still have a chance to join in the main event on Day 3 in May. APT Taipei promises to have dozens of slots still available and a few more events, giving players who want to join a chance to win a spot.

Among the remaining slots are 30 seats you can win by joining the event using APT Taipei satellites on April 9th and 16th. This is a special tournament where you will compete with other poker players to win a spot in the APT Taipei Main Event.

And if you miss this tournament as well, don’t worry! You still have one more chance to get into the APT Taipei Main Event Day 1 (Online). On April 16th, another tournament will be your last shot to qualify for the big event and take a chance to take home the jackpot.

Players from around the world will be joining this event so expect plenty of competition. Aside from the chance to win this world-famous tournament, there is also a massive prize pool you can win. The prize pool is worth over a million dollars and will be divided amongst the top players.

But while this APT event is just getting started, another is ending in Vietnam with a new winner, Jinwoo Kim being crowned.

To learn about how he managed to accomplish this win, check out our post on the APT high roller event in Vietnam.