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Manila Super Series Starts Today at Okada

Poker fans from around the world are flocking to Manila for the highly anticipated Manila Super Series, a popular poker tournament that is starting today! Scheduled from May 29 to June 4, 2023, this event will take place at Okada Manila, a venue known for its luxury and size. So expect an exciting week filled with surprises and big rewards as players compete for a prize pool of PHP 6 million (US$ 107,290). Adding to the excitement, the lucky victor will earn an opportunity to compete for the prestigious PokerStars spade trophies. With only seven of these remarkable accolades available, this tournament presents the ultimate chance to acquire one.

Manila Super Series Event Guide

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The Super Series started in 2017, since its beginning, the Manila Super Series event has become popular and highly anticipated. It has seen massive popularity and has been attended by many famous poker players worldwide. It has been so successful that some events have brought over a thousand entries.

One reason why the event has become so popular is that it is easily accessible to anyone, regardless of their skill or wealth. The Manila Super Series is generally cheaper than most events and there are events that younger, less experienced players can attend, including today’s one.

In the seventeenth edition of the Manila Super Series, the first major event of the tournament is the Warm Up event. As the name suggests, this event is meant to get people excited and for lucky players to win their first major awards. This event offers a prize pool of PHP 1 Million (US$ 17,880), offering a big reward to the lucky players able to advance to the next round along with a big trophy.

This event is expected to have two flights today and will end only once the bubble bursts. That means only the players who advance to the next round will have any money. This is 15% of the players will provide some competition for all the players. Thankfully, the buy-in is a reasonable PHP 6,000 (US$ 107), allowing many players to try their luck in the game. The second round is expected to start tomorrow May 30, and will feature the money round.

But the warm-up event is just the start of the Manila Super Series. The next major event to look out for is the exciting main event of the tournament. This tournament will feature an impressive PHP 3 Million (US$ 53,640) in prize money. That is the estimated reward, many believe that it can go even higher as the Super series has consistently surpassed expectations with its main events. The sixth edition of the main event went far beyond what people expected, drawing 1,118 entries and offering a prize pool of PHP 9.5 Million, more than three times what they’re promising for this event!

The Manila Super Series Main Event will run for 4 days from May 31 to June 4. This event will have three entry flights, giving you plenty of opportunities to sign up and win. The entrance fee for this event is PHP 15,000 (~US$ 270) with unlimited re-entry.

This isn’t the only major poker event that has been hosted in the Philippines recently. The massive Poker Dream Manila Event took place just a few months ago.

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