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Poker Dream Manila is to be Held in Newport World Resort

Poker Dream Manila is finally here and will be the first Poker Dream event hosted in the Philippines. Hosted in the luxurious Newport World Resorts, this competition will run from April 26 until May 7, 2023. To celebrate their debut here, the Poker Dream has scheduled a massive lineup of events.

This festival features over 30 exciting tournaments and events that promise trophies and over PHP 95,000,000 (equivalent to approximately US$ 1,750,000) in cash prizes.

One of the biggest games is the Main Event, which has a massive PHP 20,000,000 (~$370,000) prize pool. This is just one of the many competitions you can join. Other tournaments like the Short Deck Super High Roller Ante-Only game, have an even higher guaranteed prize pool!

Rising Star in the Poker Industry

포커 산업에서 떠오르는 스타

Although Poker Dream is still a new festival, it is quickly making a name for itself in the Asia-Pacific region and Poker Dream Manila is just one step in turning them into a leading brand. They have previously had a similar event in Malaysia last year. This competition had an almost $3 million prize pool including a main event worth ₫17.9 Billion or around $731,350 and a Super High Roller prize pool of ₫19.7 Billion (about $803,100).

But while it was expensive, the event was also incredibly successful. The festival made over $3.8 million, making it the most expensive poker event in Southeast Asia for 2022. They hope to recapture that same success with Poker Dream Manila.

This year, they hope that Poker Dream Manila will be even bigger by drawing in a large crowd of players and fans alike. Over the years, the Philippines has slowly become a hub for games like poker with tournaments that offer huge prizes.

A big part of that is thanks to Winfred Yu, the founder of Poker Dream. Under his leadership, the festival has managed many players including well-known stars like Danny Tang, Webster Lim, Elton Tsang, Devan Tang, and Paul Phua. Aside from them, countless amateur and casual players will also join in the fun in hopes of winning big or testing their skills in a major tournament.

Poker Dream Manila Schedule

From April 26 until May 7, 2023, Poker Dream of Manila is full of exciting events. Aside from the main event on May 4-7, there are many other tournaments you don’t want to miss. Things like the Mystery Bounty, high roller, and monster stack are just some of the games Poker Dream has in store. While their prizes might not be as big as the main event, they can still reach guarantees of between Php 2 million to Php 6 million.

One of these events, the short deck super high roller even promises a massive Php 55 million or over $1 million, making it the highest guarantee of any tournament. If you’re looking for something a bit more affordable, there’s also a two-day High Roller event with a PHP 6,000,000 (~US$ 110,500) prize guarantee and a buy-in cost of PHP 130,000 (~US$ 2,400).

So don’t feel bad if you can’t join the main event, there are many events in Poker Dream Manila you can compete in.

Early Bird Packages For Poker Dream Manila to Check Out

얼리 버드 포커 드림 마닐라

Aside from the event itself, Poker Dream Manila also offers several Early Bird Packages available that can make the event more comfortable and more memorable.

The first package is the main event pre-registration. With this package, you can get up to 25% off your hotel stay. Aside from that, you might be one of two lucky winners to receive a seat rebate – just for pre-registering! All Main Event entries also receive bubble protection, this ensures that you can still win even if you’re eliminated just before the money.

The next option is the high roller pre-registration. This package is only available to events worth Php 66,000 or higher. But if you do sign up for this package, you can get a big discount on your hotel. You can get up to 25% depending on which hotel!

Next is key event pre-registration which is only applicable for four events in Poker Dream Manila, the warm-up, a crazy weekend, a hunt for mysterious bounties, and building a monster stack. By pre-registering for just one Key Event, you can receive a 10% discount on your hotel. And if you pre-register for two Key Events, you can receive an even bigger discount of up to 20% off your hotel,

This is the most prestigious package offered by Poker Dream Manila is the Short Deck Super High Rollers. By availing of its services, you can get four free nights at the Hilton Hotel. However, this program is only available for a short time.

With this event now wrapped up, Dream Poker Manila has found a new champion for their main event.

To see all the details about how this lucky winner and how managed to get his win, check our post on the Dream Poker Main Event Final Table.