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Manila Super Series Main Event: Breaking Records with A PHP 9.55 Million Prize Pool

The Okada Casino in Manila was filled with excitement as Day 1C of the highly anticipated Manila Super Series Main Event took place. As the final qualifier day, this was the last chance for any ambitious poker player to join the main event. It seems that many people understood that 382 participants took part in today’s event, far beyond the numbers of the previous two days. Even combined, Day 1A and 1B only numbered 364 participants.

The total number of contestants from these three days is an impressive 746 players. Each of these players had to provide a buy-in of PHP 15,000 or about US$ 270. With so many players paying attendance, this caused the Manila Super Series Main Event’s prize pool to reach a groundbreaking PHP 9,551,784 (US$ 170,918).

Manila Super Series Main Event Details

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Not everyone will have a chance to advance to the next round. By the end of the Manila Super Series Main Event Day 1C, only 58 out of 382 participants will return for Day 2 of the event. Together with the 55 other players who advanced in previous days, bringing the number up to 113 people.

By now, the bubble has already been breached, meaning that each of these players is guaranteed to win at least PHP 23,000 (US$ 411). That prize money will go up the higher players’ rank, which is why all of these players are aiming to reach one of nine spots on the final table and the grand prize of PHP 1,867,000 (US$ 33,339).

The player who many believe has the best chance of winning the Manila Super Series Main Event prize is Ricardo Singapan who entered earlier today. He finished today’s event with the biggest stack of 728,000, giving him a big lead against his competitors. His closest rival is Jae Ki Choi, who only has a stack of about 666,000.

While Singapan has a good chance of winning, he still has another day of competition in the next round of the Manila Super Series Main Event. Many other poker champions will be playing on Day 2 of the event so he will need all his skills if he wants to become the new champion.

Some of these past champions include Mike Takayama and Emmanuel Segismundo who won the MSS 5 and MSS 3 respectively. These two players are eager to reclaim their title in this year’s Manila Super Series Main Event and their presence is sure to make this final round more exciting. With their experience and skills, SIngapan will need to be careful if he wants to be the next main event champion.

So far, the Manila Super Series has kept the excitement since its opening event a few days ago.

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