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USOP Vietnam Update: Final 9 Main Event Players Revealed Announced

The final 9 Main Event players for the U Series of Poker Vietnam have finally been announced. These 9 are all that remains of the over one hundred players who took part in the thirteen-hour race to the final table. In just a few hours, these 9 players are expected to return to the Crown Poker Club on Monday, April 24, 2023, to compete in the championship!

All of them will receive a payout of at least VN₫ 201,400,000 (~US$ 8,570), but only one can go home to the Main Event winner. That lucky player will receive the VN₫ 3,550,000,000 (~US$ 151,000) top prize as well as the USOP trophy and title.

Recap of the Final 9 Main Event Players

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On day 2 of the main event, 106 players competed against each other. Although all of them were guaranteed part of the prize money, only the final 9 main event players would be selected for the finals. To create this final table, the match lasted over 13 hours with almost a hundred players eliminated. Those players who remained were considered the very best of the tournament.

The first among the final 9 main event players is Russian player Evgenii Chernyi who dominated his match. He now has over 11,190,000 chips which not only give him a huge lead but are also worth more than 140 times his initial bet. His performance was impressive throughout the tournament, including knocking out Vietnamese player Quy Ngoc Nguyen.

Most of the remaining players have less than 60 big blinds to play with, but there are still a few stand-outs who you shouldn’t ignore. Among them is Sua Shung Er from Malaysia. Sua has played exceptionally well, managing to knock out three top players: Anton Lu in 20th place, Sebastian Muller in 18th place, and The Van in 11th place. This puts Sua in a good position and gives him a chance to take the prize.

Probably the most surprising entry to the final 9 main event players was Phat Thanh Nguyen who did not hide his excitement. During the tournament, he was left with only 1.5 big blinds but was able to make a lightning recovery with an impressive winning streak. First, he doubled his stack, then tripled it, then doubled again. He ended the day with a respectable 14 big blinds, almost 10 times his lowest BB.

Mink Kim was the only finalist from Korea. He previously won a smaller event on Day 2 and is now turning his attention to the main prize.

Aside from him Thuy Trung Duong from Vietnam. He came very close to winning the Mystery Bonus Event but had to settle for second place. He is now hoping to make up for that loss by winning this tournament.

Another local player is Dai Ngoc Nguyen, who prevented Lodrich Nguyen from claiming his second title in the tournament. Now if luck is on his side, Dai can claim this title for himself.

However, it wasn’t just the Vietnamese players dominating the lists. Among the final 9 main event players who made it, 3 of them are Singaporeans – Benson, Calvin Tan, and Benjamin Sai all managed to get a spot and will compete for the prize.

While this tournament is about to end, another one already finished with a winner being declared, the USOP Vietnam Mini Main Tournament.

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