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USOP Vietnam Update: Ha Van Thien Gains Lead in USOP Mini Main Event and Trophies in Other Events

The U Series of Poker Vietnam is in full swing with nonstop action at the Crown Poker Club with the USOP mini main event taking place. As USOP Vietnam enters its 5th day of the festival, there have been many interesting developments not only with the main event but also with some of the smaller events. Trophies are being won and prizes are being handed out.

The most exciting story is with Ha Van Thien who is dominating the Mini Main event today and has gained a big lead over his competitors. Aside from that, several winners have also been declared for other events including the anticipated super high roller competition.

USOP Mini Main Event Recap

USOP 미니 메인 이벤트

The USOP Mini Main Event was definitely the highlight of the day with hundreds of players joining to try and become the eventual champion. With so many people signing up, the USOP Mini Main Event went far beyond the expected VN₫ 2 Billion prize pool. The tournament eventually announced that the prize pool would be doubled to VN₫ 4 Billion after receiving so many entries. The high stakes from this announcement got people more excited to watch the match.

While hundreds of players signed up, only 51 were able to advance to the next round of the USOP Mini Main Event by the end of the day. One of the players to advance to the next round was Vietnam’s Ha Van Thien. He performed amazingly in Flight B of the tournament. While he was previously only seen as a mid-range player, his surprise performance has gotten everyone to change their opinions of him.

He has now gathered over 169 BB, putting him in the top spot among all the flights. Not too far behind him is Harry Tran Nguyen, who’s holding strong with 139 BB. Following behind are Anh Duy Nguyen, Mac Koha, and Duong Candy in Flight C who have 137 BB,119 BB, and 108 BB respectively. The USOP Mini Main event will continue in the following days.

  1. Ha Van Thien
  2. Harry Tran
  3. Anh Duy Nguyen
  4. Mac Khoa
  5. Duong Candy
  6. Hua Wei Lin
  7. Snow Love
  8. Long Thanh Nguyen
  9. Trung Van Nguyen
  10. Nam Hoai Le

Huu Dung Nguyen Named Winner of the High Roller Superstack

Aside from the USOP Mini Main Event, there was also plenty happening in the high roller tournament when Vietnamese professional poker player Huu Dung Nguyen added another title to his name after winning this tournament. This victory marks his first title in the USOP tournament.

Aside from the trophy, he was also given a prize of 1,100,000,000, which is approximately US$ 46,800. This success marked him as a rising star in the poker world.

This is even more impressive since Nguyen only started with a stack of 20 BB. This was less than some of his competitors and it got even worse as the game went on, dropping to just 6 BB. Many were expecting him to lose, but Nguyen kept on playing and managed to double his pot several times until he was up to 40 BB.

Nguyen eventually faced off against Lich Van Vu and despite being behind during the match, turned things around in the end. Nguyen made an incredible play with pocket Jacks over Jack-Seven suited which allowed him to get a full house and the win.

  1. Huu Dung Nguyen
  2. Lich Van Vu
  3. Wayne Lam
  4. Thanh Tien Dinh
  5. Tony Truong
  6. Max Menzel
  7. Calvin Tan
  8. Huy Quang Nguyen
  9. Quag Ngoc Phan
  10. Devan Tang
  11. Khoi Nguyen

Isaac Phua Wins an Amazing Victory at the Hyper Turbo

하이퍼 터보에서의 승리

While not as big as the USOP Mini Main event, Isaac Phua’s win scored an impressive win at the Hyper Turbo Event. There were plenty of exciting moments in the Hyper Turbo that made for an unforgettable game. Of the 84 players who signed up for the tournament, it was Isaac Phua came out victorious.

During the final seven, Isaac found himself behind most of the other players like Tai Anh Do who had an Ace in the flop. While it seemed like Phua would lose, during the next draw, he managed to get the car he needed to complete his set and knock out Anh. The win was completely unexpected even among Phua’s fans who went wild at the reveal.

This post is meant to serve as the current update on USOP Vietnam, but there are still many exciting events that have and will take place.

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