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Asian Poker Tour Incheon Event Updates and Prize Pool Revealed

Coming directly from its successful Da Nang event, the Asian Poker Tour is getting ready for its next step with the highly-anticipated Asian Poker Tour Incheon event. This huge event will run from August 25 to September 3 and this ten-day extravaganza is set to feature an impressive lineup of 57 trophy events, mirroring the excitement of last year.

For the past few weeks, small details have started to leak out including the events list. Today the biggest reveal has been announced as the organizers have provided information on the guaranteed prize pool that will span across multiple competitions.

Asian Poker Tour Incheon Event Update

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With its rich history and tradition of excellence, APT Incheon is more than just a series of poker tournaments, it’s an experience that captures the spirit of competition. The Asian Poker Tour Incheon is expected to be hosted at the luxurious and legendary Paradise Hotel & Casino.

In this rich hotel, the halls are sure to be filled with countless talented poker players who are attracted not only by the competition but also by the rewards. Several of these events will offer a guaranteed prize pool, ensuring that no matter how many players sign up they are assured a reward. The collective prize pool for all these event types is estimated to be worth KRW 3 Billion ~US$ 2.3M).

One of the most anticipated events is the APT Incheon Main Event which will take up almost half of the prize pool at KRW 1.3 Billion or US$ 1M. This is a massive increase from the last time APT had an event in Korea where the main event only had a prize pool of KRW 300M (US$ 227K), though with 486 entries brought that prize pool up to KRW 942M (USD 659K). This surge represents a more than three times increase in the prize pool.

The Asian Poker Tour Incheon is expected to run from August 28 – September 2, 2023, and will feature 3 qualifying rounds, a semifinal round, and the final table. The lucky winner of that final table will also become the overall winner of the Asian Poker Tour Incheon.

Apart from the main event, the Asian Poker Tour Incheon has guaranteed prizes for six additional events. Leading the pack is the APT Kick-off Event, marking the event’s commencement. In contrast to the main event, this boasts a more modest prize of KRW 175,000,000 (US$ 135,000), intended to prepare you for the main showdown.

Next to that is the APT Sunday Super Stack will take place in the middle of the festival. This prize pool is small at around KRW 100,000,000 (US$ 77,000). The Mystery Bounty Hunter is sponsored by Natural8 and has a buy-in fee of KRW 225,000,000 (US$ 174,000). But that is not including the hidden bounties that you can win.

Along with the Mystery Bounty Hunte, the Zodiac Classic is also sponsored by Natural8 Guarantee. To keep this event exciting, it is expected to have a prize pool of around KRW 200,000,000 (US$ 154,500).

Last but not least are the APT Super High Roller 8-Max and APT High Roller 8-Max evens. Both contests are reserved for the largest and most respected high rollers. With so many players attending, both of these events have huge rewards. These events have guaranteed prize pools worth around KRW 250,000,000 (US$ 192,000) and  KRW 350,000,000 (US$ 270,000) respectively.

The Asian Poker Tour Incheon has been in the works for quite some time now and there have been several updates in the past.

Among the most recent update you can read about was the APT Incheon Event Schedule.