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Asian Poker Tour Hanoi Announces Million Dollar Prize Pool Main Event

Yesterday in Manila, the Asian Poker Tour and sponsored by Natural 8 made an exciting announcement about their next events. They released more information about the Asian Poker Tour Hanoi Billions event will take place at the end of the year from December 1-10. This event will be part of the APT Millions series and close out this year’s season.

The final event, the Asian Poker Tour hopes to end the season with a bang which is why they have announced a massive prize pool for the Asian Poker Tour Hanoi. This prize pool is worth over a billion dollars and is expected to be one of the biggest prizes for any event in the Asian Poker Tour.

Asian Poker Tour Hanoi Million Dollar Announcement

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The Asian Poker Tour Hanoi will run for 10 days in December and will take place in the National Convention Center (NCC). The highlight of this event is the Main Event. Running from December 4 to 9, players from across the world will have the chance to test their skills and compete for the event trophy as well as the title of APT champion.

With such an exciting event, it is not surprising to hear that this event will have a massive prize pool to incentivize players to attend. The event has announced the opening prize pool will be worth VND 25 billion or about USD 1 million. This will make it one of the largest prize pools of the event, but that is just the beginning. That number is expected to increase from all the players who will sign up.

Each of them is expected to pay a buy-in fee of around VND 36M (USD 1,500). A part of this money will go into the prize pool, further increasing it. All of this excitement begins with the two-day VND 10M APT Kickoff event, setting the stage for an unforgettable poker event. As the weekend unfolds, Saturday, December 2, takes center stage with the prestigious two-day VND 15M Mystery Millions, generously sponsored by Natural8.

For the high rollers and daring players seeking the ultimate thrill, Asian Poker Tour Hanoi has an array of exclusive high roller events available. Brace yourself for the intense competition of the VND 120M APT Super High Roller – 8 Max, where only the boldest contenders will compete for their share of the colossal prize pool.

The stakes get even higher with the VND 250M Superstar Challenge, a true test of skill and strategy that promises monumental rewards. And don’t miss the exhilarating VND 80M APT High Roller, a heart-pounding contest that guarantees a share of billions in prize money, further elevating the prestige of Asian Poker Tour Hanoi 2023 as a must-attend poker spectacle.

The VND 10M Sunday Super Stack on December 3 and the VND 12M Mini Main Event on December 9-10 promise incredible ten-figure prize pools. There are also a series of mixed classic poker games. There are the pot-limit Omaha and No Limit Hold’em variations. And for those seeking the ultimate challenge. Don’t miss this chance to experience poker at its finest, with a lineup that caters to every player’s passion and skill level.

The excitement of these games isn’t limited only to the players either as the event organizers have also released statements about the Asian Poker Tour Hanoi.

“APT Hanoi Billions is going to be the biggest poker event that Vietnam has ever seen. Hanoi’s National Convention Center is where the most important gatherings occur in Vietnam so it’s only appropriate that we make poker history there.”

VSOP CEO Terry Nguyen.

“We’ve got a tremendous tournament staff offering as much poker as we can squeeze into 10 days in Hanoi, and over 60 billion in guarantees – so come and close out the 2023 poker season in style and get your hands on a lion trophy!”

APT President Neil Johnson.

The APT Hanoi is not anything new as there have been announcements of it as far back as May.

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