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APT Hanoi Announced and Set to Feature 10 Guaranteed Seats!

Following their huge success in Taipei just a few weeks earlier, the Asian Poker Tour sponsored by Natural8 has already announced their next destination. The next event will take place in Vietnam and will become known as APT Hanoi. This event is expected to run from May 26th to June 4th. That is just four days from now! The event is expected to take place in the Grand Loyal Poker Club within the prestigious Grand Vista Hote, a place that has hosted previous important poker events.

The APT’s previous event in Taipei had been a record-breaker for the festival, having the largest prize pool and some of the most attended events. With such a huge success, many hope that APT Hanoi can match that size and excitement.

10 Guaranteed Seats for the Event

But aside from just the event announcement, APT Hanoi offers another surprise as their sponsor, Natural8 is also offering guaranteed seats for the main event. Natural8 is the largest online poker room in Asia and offers several to players who enjoy the game recreationally. Natural8 extends generous promotions to welcome players to their events.

One way they are doing that now is with their guaranteed seats for APT Hanoi. That means that 10 lucky players will automatically be signed up and allowed into the APT Main Event Day 1. These guaranteed seats are estimated to be worth $15,000 each, making them incredibly valuable even if players do not attend the actual event.

With these seats, these players are guaranteed a spot in this event. while it won’t take them to the final table, this will give them an advantage over the other players. To achieve this guarantee players will need to sign up and join the $150 Mega Satellite event on May 21. The seats will be granted to the top players of this event.

APT Hanoi Event Details

APT 하노이 이벤트 세부 정보

Established in 2008, the Asian Poker Tour (APT) has managed to host over 80 prominent events. All these events have generated over US$30 million, in prize money which has rewarded skilled players throughout its nearly 15 years of operation. However, the APT continues to create opportunities for fresh talents to participate and seize their chance at the exciting poker action that awaits.

The APT Events have happened in the Asia-Pacific Region including the countries like the Philippines, Macau, Malaysia, Taiwan, India, and many others. And now with this event, the APT is coming to Hanoi, Vietnam which is expected to be no less exciting.

Overall, the APT Hanoi is expected to have as many as 48 events, including the highly-anticipated Main Event which will feature 10 guaranteed seats by Natrual8. These players will not have to pay the $1,500 entrance fee, but they will have a chance to win a massive VND 12,000,000,000 or about $500,00.

Aside from the main event, other impressive events include the Mystery Bounty Hunter where a single win can make you a fortune, and the Super High Roller where you have a chance to win even more money than with the Main Event.

A few weeks ago, APT Taipei made a name for itself with how many records it broke, including in its high roller event which had one of the highest APT Payouts in history.

To get all the details of this event and the star player, Phachara Wongwichit you can learn about the details here in our APT High Roller Update.