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APPT Cambodia Tournament Details Announced

The Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) is coming up in a few weeks and has poker fans eagerly anticipating the event. What’s even more exciting is that the details of the APPT Cambodia tournament have finally been revealed. This tournament is set to take place on May 5, 2023, at NagaWorld Integrated Resort in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. APPT Cambodia will be the second international poker tournament to take place in the last six months.

Poker players from Asia and beyond are expected to come here and compete for the huge prizes that have now been revealed. This has APPT Cambodia shaping up to be a thrilling competition that people won’t soon forget.

The APPT Cambodia Tournament Lineup

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To start the APPT Cambodia Tournament, the APPT Kickoff event will provide an opportunity for players to compete and assess their abilities. Players are required to pay a buy-in fee of $350. However, those who end up joining will have the chance to win the guaranteed prize pool of $50,000. This brief competition is anticipated to generate excitement for the upcoming tournament.

Last year’s kickoff tournament was an impressive start with almost 300 contestants signing up. The tournament’s victor was the talented Mai Bien who outlasted all his opponents and won a cash prize of $15,709.

The next APPT Cambodia tournament event will run from May 7th to May 10th and will be the APPT National Tournament and will require an entrance fee of $800 that will fund the huge $100,000 prize pool. Last year’s national tournament had over 200 players sign up and lasted for several rounds until Korean player Seogmin Lee emerged victorious and walked home with a cash prize of $30,133 for his incredible performance. There are high hopes that this national tournament will be even bigger and more exciting.

But if even these prizes are too small for you and you want something bigger, you might like the next APPT Cambodia Tournament Event. The Super High Roller Tournament is always the biggest event of the APPT and brings together the wealthiest and most daring poker players in a high-stakes match. This year’s APPT Cambodia Super High Roller is expected to take place from May 10-11 and is the most anticipated event of the tournament.

To enter this APPT Cambodia tournament, players are expected to pay $10,000 just to enter. With such a big entrance fee, you can be sure that only the very best will take part. That big entrance fee also means that you can expect the prize pool to be massive. While there is no guaranteed prize pool like with other events, last year’s Super High Roller event can give some ideas as to how much money is on the line.

The previous season’s Super High Roller champion was Irish poker star Gary Thompson who received a huge cash prize of $47,045. His runner-up, Michael Soyza walked home with $28,227, while third-place finisher Pete Chen had a respectable payout of $18,818.

But of course, it won’t be the APPT without the main event. The APPT Cambodia Main Event is the most important event in the APPT Cambodia tournament. While not as expensive as the high rollers, it still has a big buy-in of $1,500 and features three starting flights to accommodate all the players. The first of these flights begins on May 12th and will run for three days until May 15th. The winners will then receive their share of the $400,000 prize pool.

Last year’s winner was Alexander Puchalski, a Canadian player based in neighboring Thailand. He played exceptionally well during the tournament and won a massive $96,028 in prize money. Given his success, there is a chance he might make the trip again and defend his title in the APPT Main Event this year.

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