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Top 9 Players Advance to APPT Cambodia National Final and Mini High Roller

The Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) is heating up as more players gather in the NagaWorld Grand Ballroom in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Players from all over the world are coming to enjoy the many exciting activities offered by the APPT. Today, the big event on everyone’s mind is the APPT National tournament.

This event has 78 of the most talented players in the world coming together to compete in an exciting competition. They are competing in hopes of winning a seat on the final table and part of the huge cash prize. Well today, the lucky 9 players have been announced. But it isn’t just the APPT Cambodia National either, the Mini HR tournament has also revealed its lineup for the final table.

APPT Cambodia National Day 2 Ends with 9 Players Advancing to the Finals

APPT 캄보디아 국가대표전 2일차

The second day of the APPT Cambodia National tournament was an exciting event. The 78 players who remained out of the 314 initial entries returned and competed against one another to make it to the final table. Among these players, Minwoo Kang entered the tournament with a clear chip lead, something he held for most of the day. By the end of the day, two players Abhinav Iyer and Choi Hun Tae had closed that gap and with some clever moves, managed to take the lead.

But regardless of their placement, these three are now guaranteed a piece of the prize pool of the APPT Cambodia National. Others were not so lucky. The bubble burst just 2.5 hours into the tournament with the Russian poker star being the last man out of the APPT Cambodia National. Even other stars like India’s Amit Kaushik struggled despite his skill. Some bad plays left him with only 2.5 big blinds left, something he couldn’t recover from and were soon eliminated.

You can see blow the 9 players who have advanced to the final table.

7Abhinav Iyer2,560,000102
6Hun Tae Choi1,925,00077
2Andy Li Xueyan965,00039
5Chien-Chih Weng885,00035
1Minwoo Kang875,00035
3Eric Wasylenko770,00031
9Vincent Ferrafiat700,00028
4Mateusz Kaczmarek410,00016
8Cheng Zhang385,00015

Mini High Roller Also Announces Their Top 9 Final Table

The APPT Cambodia National isn’t the only tournament reaching its final day. The Mini High Roller is also approaching its final round. True to its name, the first high roller event of the APPT Cambodia was an expensive tournament, requiring a $2,000 entrance fee. But with big risks also comes big rewards as the prize pool has reached US$ 121,366. However, only the top 9 players will see any of this money which made for fierce competition.

After eight hours of competition, the bubble finally burst when Xixiang Luo from China made a bold move to try and break the tie. He went all in against Emil Ukalaev and bet on the flop. However, while Luo did have the King of spades and Jack of Hearts, it was not enough to beat Ukalaev’s hand.

You can see the remaining Mini High Rollers below.

PlacePlayerPayout In USD
1Mohit Bohra$3,741*
2Seongho Cho$3,840*
3Jounghun Kim$2,053
4Shixiao Qin$1,555
5Chang Kim$1,203
6Hyunkyou Park$939
7Jennifer Cassell$748
8Guy Taylor$587

Updates on the 6-Handed Hyper Turbo at Mystery Bounty tournament

우승자와 진행자가 나타납니다

It wasn’t just the APPT Cambodia National and Mini High Roller events to move forward today. Smaller events have had some movement and event winners being declared.

One big event was the 6-Handed Hyper Turbo which lasted over 4 hours and saw 56 players join the tournament. Eventually, Mohit Bohra claim his first live tournament title. Bohra sealed his win with an impressive Ace and 4 clubs, which defeated his opponent’s Queen and Jack of hearts! Bohra said that he was going to join as many events as possible so we might see them soon.

The other big event was the Mystery Bounty tournament which had 69 players joining Day 1A and 11 of them advancing to Day 2. The buy-in for this event is US$550, much smaller than either the APPT Cambodia National or the Mini High Roller, and this is one reason why so many players signed up. Among them was Zhou Quan, one of six Chinese players who managed to make it to Day 2. But instead of just advancing, Quan finished at the top of the leaderboard.

APPT Cambodia is shaping up to be an exciting and memorable torumnament. With so many events, it is no surprise why hundreds of players had signed up.

But even its during its announcement, the APPT was turning heads. To get all the details, you can check out our post on the APPT Announcement.