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WPT Prime Vietnam Begins Today at Poker Club Hanoi

The World Poker Tour (WPT) returns to Vietnam as part of the highly anticipated Prime series and promises to be bigger than ever. Vietnam has already been the host of this extraordinary event and that is why many are hoping that WPT Prime Vietnam will become the biggest and most ambitious event of this poker festival. This news has excited poker players from all over the world who are rushing to join the tournament.

This event is expected to run for two weeks from May 16 to 29, 2023 in the luxurious Crown Poker Club Hanoi which has already played host to many poker events in the past. In these two weeks, the tournament is expected to feature dozens of exciting events and a massive prize pool that will excite even the biggest high-rollers.

WPT Prime Vietnam Event Details

WPT 프라임 베트남 이벤트 세부사항

WPT Prime Vietnam begins today, and many tournament details have been revealed. One of the most important of these is about the prize pool, amounting to VN₫ 30 Billion (~$1.28 Million). This money will be spread out across various events, offering participants chances to showcase their expertise and win big rewards no matter what event they join

Aside from money, the tournament is also offering a special trophy-hunting activity where they will have a chance to win 37 trophies spread out among many different events. Probably the most valuable one is the WPT Prime Vietnam Main Event.

But aside from just giving the best trophy, this event will also give the biggest share of this prize pool. The WPT Prime main event will take almost half the money at VN₫ 12 Billion (~US$ 511,200) for their prize pool and promises to bring in plenty of players. But aside from just winning this prize, the winner will also receive a US$ 10,400 ticket to Las Vegas where they will have the chance to join the WPT World Championships. Aside from being a huge honor, this event has gathered a record-breaking $29,000,000.

Aside from the WPT Prime Vietnam, another major event will be the Billionaire Club High Stakes Challenge. This event will start on May 19 and will bring together the top players in the world for a high-stakes poker tournament. The buy-in alone is expected to cost around VN₫ 210,000,000 (~US$ 8,955).

Aside from the main event, other major tournaments that you should keep your eyes open for in the WPT Prime Vietnam are the WPT Prime Vietnam 100M Super High Roller and High Roller events which have also taken a big share of the prize pool. These two events are reserved for the most daring high roller with deep pockets and willing to take some risks. Just to enter this High Roller event, you will need to pay about VN₫ 66,000,000 or about $3,000. To enter the 100M is almost twice that much! But while they have huge entrance fees, they also have massive prize pools of VN₫ 2,500,000 and 4,000,000 respectively.

Even the opening round is expected to start strong. It will run from May 16-18 and is expected to have a respectable prize pool of around VN₫ 2,000,000. This is more than enough to challenge the arriving players and get them excited for the rest of the event.

Other Tournament Rewards

기타 토너먼트 보상

At the end of all these events, there will be one more winner awarded, the WPT Prime Vietnam Player of the Festival. This player will be the person who has won the most points during the events. Aside from the award, the player will also receive a  WPT Passport worth up to US$ 5,000 for any main tour they want within the year.

But aside from trophies, the WPT Prime Vietnam event is also offering many new prizes including a newly designed WPT cap. All players who reach the Final 3 of any High Roller event receive a WPT backpack. And for all players in the Main Event will receive a WPT water bottle.

The WPT isn’t the only event that has been hosted by the amazing Crown Poker Club. Just a few weeks ago, another event was held in this club, the WSOP Vietnam.

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