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Poker Dream Manila Update: Winfred Yu Wins White Horse Cup Despite Setbacks

The White Horse Cup has finally found a winner, and it is none other than Poker Dream’s own founder, Winfred Yu. The highly competitive White Horse Cup Short Deck Super High Roller tournament is one of the most highly anticipated competitions in the tournament. With a massive prize pool, it has attracted many skilled poker players.

Despite that, Yu managed to play incredibly well throughout his match. Despite suffering setbacks and falling behind other players, he managed to climb back to the top. It all came down to him and Paul Phua, the founder of the Triton tournament. These two poker lovers fought it out until Yu managed to get the advantage and claim the win. His triumph serves as a testament to his exceptional poker skills and shows he’s just a talented player as he is an organizer.

Winfred Yu Managed to Defeat Dozens of Poker Stars for His Win

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From the start, the White Horse Cup Short Deck Super High Roller Tournament was the event that everyone had their eyes on. Running from April 30 to May 1, 2023, this tournament was one of the biggest events in Dream Poker Manila. The entrance fee alone was PHP 1,380,000, equivalent to around US$ 25,300. This has made it one of the highest buy-ins of any Philippine poker tournament.

But while the buy-in is impressive, the prize pool is even bigger. To celebrate such a huge event, Dream Poker Manila is offering a prize pool of PHP 55,000,000 or approximately 1 million USD, the first tournament of its kind to have a seven-figure prize. Of that money, Winfred Yu managed to win PHP 18,700,000 or US$ 336,970.

This success has helped solidify Poker Dream Manila’s position as a premier destination for professional poker players and enthusiasts alike. With so much money at stake, it was unsurprising that Winfred Yu faced serious competition.

Among the people who challenged him included Triple Crown Triton champion Wai Kin Yong, WSOP Online bracelet winner Paul Teoh, and Short Deck specialist Rene Van Krevelen. Although all of them were incredibly talented, most of them fell short on the first day, with Ewe Eng Siang being the last to be eliminated before reaching the bubble, the spot where each player can win part of the prize money.

The second day started with Winfred Yu having a huge lead over the remaining five players with an impressive 115 BB stack. This led allowed him to eliminate Ming Hong Teoh in 6th place. However, Paul Phua did not go down without a fight and managed to steal the lead after beating Danny Tang.

As the poker game progressed, Winfred Yu faced a tough challenge as his chip stack dwindled to just 18 big blinds. At some point, it even seemed like he would get eliminated. However, he was able to receive an Ace and King of Clubs which saved Chan Ming Kong who was eventually beaten back to 3rd place.

When the two finally met, Phua had a 3:1 lead of 76 bb to 27 bb. He was able to retain this lead until they started their heads-up play. It was only then that Winfred Yu revealed an Ace of Clubs and King of Diamonds which managed to beat Phua’s hand and send Yu back to the top.

Although with a lead of 52 BB to Phua’s 21, the battle wasn’t over yet as the pair continued to play for another hour until Yu revealed a Jack of Diamonds and CLubs which finally knocked Phua out of the game.

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