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Exciting News: Global Poker Spring Carnival Kicks Off and Schedule to Run Until April 9

Poker season is now open with the much-anticipated Poker Spring Carnival series opening on April 3rd. This event is organized by Global Poker, one of the world’s largest and most popular poker websites. The event is expected to run for about a week, going from April 3 to April 9. This event is expected to bring some of the largest poker players in the world and will serve as a lead-up to the highly awaited PokerNews Cup, a massive online poker tournament.

But it won’t be much of a carnival without prizes. In the spring poker tournament, winners can win sweep coins which can be converted to real money! Aside from money, there are also trophies, awards, and titles all up for grabs, and even a chance to join the PokerNews Cup!

How to Join the Fun in Poker Spring Carnival?

Poker Spring Festival

Aside from being a place of fun and excitement, the poker spring carnival is also meant to serve as the preliminary rounds of the PokerNews Cup. The best players in this carnival will be selected to take part in this tournament. To qualify for this event, you will need to accomplish a certain task.

The poker spring carnival is divided up into a number of activities and every day you will need to complete a challenge to qualify for the PokerNews Cup. One of the first challenges is on Tuesday (April 4), when players can join a number of official poker games. In these games, you must reach at least five flops to qualify for the Poker cup. A flop is the second round of betting in a poker game.

On Wednesday, you will have to play at least 20 spins on the lucky game show using registered tokens. These spins are a part of the tournament and can also net you more coins and prizes.

For Thursday, your task takes you back to the poker table where you have to reach five more flops in official games. Friday takes you back to the spinning table, but this time you have to play 20 spins on the Triple Double Fever mode.

For the weekend, the Poker Spring Carnival spices things up with their turbo poker. Unlike regular poker games, this version of poker has the blinds or bets increase every few minutes meaning you are placing more and more money. This makes the game go faster and gives you less time to make a decision. This version forces you to take risks and play more aggressive.

This also gives the organizers a chance to see which players have what it takes to join the Poker cup after this.

Joining the Global Poker x PokerNews Cup

글로벌 포커에 가입하기

IIf you think you have what it takes to enter to the PokerNews Cup, then get ready for more excitement and prizes. Like the Poker Spring carnival, this is a massive tournament that brings together some of the best poker players. From April 10 to 30, you will have plenty of opportunities to win big, play games, and show off your skills.

If you complete all the challenges in the poker spring carnival, then you’re in. You can play in one of the qualifiers rounds to see if you can advance. Even if you don’t win an invitation from the Poker Spring carnival, you can still enter. There are slots for players who win enough coins, that allow you to pay an entrance fee.

The first two weeks of the cup are the qualifying round to eliminate most of the players. If you win, you’ll automatically qualify for the finals. If you manage to finish within the top 50 players, you’ll be able to go to the quarterfinals, and if you make it to the final table, you’ll go straight to the semifinals.

If you are lucky enough to reach the quarterfinals, the top 90 players will advance the next stage. If you are exceptionally skilled though and are one of the top 36, you’ll move on to the finals!

For those who’ve been competing for the past three weeks, mark your calendar for April 30th. That’s when the final round begins, and all of your hard work may just pay off. So keep at it and give it your all – you could be the ultimate winner!

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