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Poker Dream Events Update: Four Major Tournaments Announce Their Winners

It has been another eventful day here at Poker Dream Manila as we saw not one, not two, but three new champions being crowned in four Poker Dream Events. These players have put up an amazing performance and outshined their competition at the poker tables, proving themselves to some of the best players in the world.

The biggest of these events was undoubtedly the Super High Rollers tournament which had a massive prize pool. Aside from that, we have the 300K NLH and 6-Handed which both went to the same person, and lastly the anticipated bubble rush. These Poker Dream events made Day 7 of this festival an unforgettable occasion.

Ogura Takashi Suprise Victroy at the Super High Roller Tournament

하이 롤러 토너먼트

Probably the most surprising but most impressive event today was Japanese player Ogura Takashi’s surprise victory at the Super High Rollers. While a talented player, he started today’s event at the near bottom with just 6 big blinds and the lowest chip stack at the final table. Not helping was the fact that he was just one of 40 players competing in this Poker Dream Event.

With a prestigious title, trophy, and a cash prize of PHP 6,170,000 (approximately US$ 111,350) it was no surprise why Takashi fought so hard. Despite his disadvantage, Takashi kept his cool and managed to win several crucial hands to take control of the game.

He even managed to beat the leader of the pack, Gary Thompson. In the final hand, Takashi sealed the victory with an impressive flush.

Beh Kok Weng Wins Two Poker Dream Events

翁는 포커 드림 이벤트에서 두 번-우승합니다

Omura wasn’t the only one having a great day, though. Malaysia’s Beh Kok Weng enjoyed an unexpected winning not one but two Poker Dream events in a row! His first victory was at the 6-handed event where he dominated the event, outplaying dozens of the best poker stars and earning a cash reward of PHP 137,216 (~US$ 2,475).

His second victory was at the 300K NLH where he just barely managed to get in with a last-minute registration. Here, like Takashi, he faced off against Gary Thompson in an impressive head’s up match. Gary had already come in second place the first time and was determined to win the trophy this time. Unfortunately, Weng also got the better of Thompson and came out victorious with a payout of PHP 1,218,000 (~US$ 21,980). It was a truly impressive performance that left everyone in awe!

How Chee Chong Closes the Day With A Bubble Rush Win

The last Poker Dream Event Today was the Bubble Rush. This is a popular tournament where the blind levels quickly increase throughout the game. They become larger much faster compared to other events which makes for a faster-paced and more exciting game.

For this Poker Dream Event, 16 skilled players signed up to test their skills. In the end, it was Malaysian Poker Star, How Chee Chong who outlasted the competition. With this win, he has claimed a top prize of PHP 86,000 (~US$ 1,550). With intense competition and challenging gameplay, the Bubble Rush tournament was a true test of skill and strategy.

Other Poker Dream Manila Updates

While some events at the Poker Dream tournament have crowned champions, there are still some ongoing events with exciting updates. One such event is the Day 1B of the Mystery Bounty tournament, which saw a total of 149 players registering to compete. Out of all the participants, only 23 players will proceed to the next round. They will join the other players from the previous rounds of the event to compete for the ultimate prize.

The top prize is a massive bounty of PHP 630,000! While there is no winner, China’s Chuning Tan is leading in the tournament, with Japan’s Yuta Kitazumi following closely behind.

But while these exciting events are going on, another Super High Roller Event has just finished in Taipei, the biggest in their tournament’s history.

To get all the exciting details of how Sam Lam won this event in Taipei, check out our APT Super High Roller Update.