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Asia Poker Arena: The Biggest Poker Room in Asia – Unleash Your Power!

In the poker industry, new and exciting ventures are constantly emerging. Recently, the Asia Poker Arena (APA) was launched in Taipei, Taiwan. The APA is the creation of David Tai, founder of the Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association (CTP).

The modern poker room will be the new venue for CTP-hosted poker events. Somuchpoker had the privilege of attending the official opening ceremony and conducting an exclusive interview with David Tai and Raymond Wong from CTP.

“In recent years we have seen the development of poker throughout Asia so we decided to establish the largest poker arena in Asia. Based on our local tournaments in Taiwan, which have been developing and increasing vigorously in recent years, our old venue of only 24 tables have clearly become inadequate. Then with the arrival of international brands such as WPT and APT tournaments, our original venue  has become far from sufficient. The overall poker development in Asia is thriving. We understand that this is the case and that it has become a trend to hold tournaments in larger venues.”

Raymond Wong, CTP International Manager 

Asia Poker Arena in Taipei

포커 아레나

About the Livestream

  • 540 square meters
  • Can accommodate up to 65 tables
  • Primarily used for poker tournaments
  • 9-player livestream feature table, four cameras
  • Livestream control room
  • Commentary room
  • Mobile cameras
  • Large conference space – used for meetings, poker lectures, and poker courses
  • Restaurant – Mr. Chee
  • Outside waterfall and koi pond
  • Perfect IG spot
  • Power outlets alongside the pillars
  • Lounge area
  • Portable power banks
  • Opens at 11 am and runs until 2 am or until the last tournament ends

All automated at APA

포커 아레나

Registering for APA events is now easier with the automated process. Players need to download the CTP app and apply for membership, as mandated by law. Once registered, tables, seat assignments, and chip distribution will be handled electronically.

To keep up with live streaming, the CTP has upgraded the APA system. The 9-player table uses advanced technology with four cameras to capture the action, including movable cameras for dynamic shots.

The live stream is primarily shown on CTP Twitch and CTP YouTube with a 30-minute delay. Local events have Chinese commentary by Taiwanese poker coaches, YouTubers, or famous celebrities. International events have commentators based on the hosting brand and language.

Match Poker at the APA

Match Poker is gaining popularity in the poker world. Earlier this year, Team Taiwan emerged victorious in the IFMP Asian Nations Cup held in Hong Kong. Unlike other card rooms, the APA has a dedicated section for Match Poker.

“Match Poker plays a very important role for Taiwan especially for the CTP Club. This is where we started to grow with Match Poker tournaments as it will be more into being legalized poker in  the whole Taiwan community.  We have been doing a lot of marketing for Match Poker and also we hosted the 2019 Asia Poker Nation Cup. We want the community to know that there is a special place for Match Poker in Taiwan. We also have installed many LED screens to run a great tournament. There is also a fan zone area so teammates can watch the their teammates play.”

Raymond Wong

Wong hopes to host not only the Asian Nations Cup but also the World Cup for Match Poker. He wants to showcase the diverse and vibrant Taiwan poker community to the world.

Events confirmed at APA for 2023

확정된 이벤트

The fully operational arena is now prepared to host various events, both local and international. Here are the confirmed events so far:

  • Poker Dream – June 16 to 25
  • Taiwan Millions Tournament – July 14 to 31
  • World Poker Tour {WPT) Prime Taiwan – August 8 to 21
  • ASPT Japan – September
  • All Japan Poker Championship (AJPC) Japan – September
  • U Series of Poker (USOP) – November
Currencies accepted
  • New Taiwan Dollar
  • US Dollar
  • Euro
  • Japanese Yen

About the Dealers

CTP values its dealers as the frontline representatives. At the APA, highly trained dealers are expected to uphold game rules and maintain professionalism, as Wong explained.

“We have 15 to 20 professional dealers that work regularly and we always advertise for part time dealers so we have enough when we host large events. Senior dealers will train them. Every six months, all dealers, seniors and part time are reviewed by the tournament directors to make sure they are keeping up with the standards of dealing and rules of the game. This is the same for our fifteen branches all over Taiwan.”

Raymond Wong, CTP International Manager 

About the Restaurant


Adjacent to the arena is a Malaysian restaurant named Mr. Chee. Through a partnership with CTP, players can enjoy a diverse selection of signature Malaysian dishes. They also have the option to have their food brought to the poker table by ordering from the restaurant.

To elevate the level of service, an app is being developed for players to conveniently order food from the restaurant and have it delivered right to their seats. The restaurant operates from 10:30 am to 10:30 pm, although the hours may vary based on the duration of ongoing events.

The APT Taipei this year has achieved record-breaking participation in many events. Additionally, other APT events have also witnessed remarkable turnouts.

The APT opening event attracted a large number of players who signed up. To find out more, you can read our update on the APT Kickoff Event.